UNIK Vaping Products

UNIK (UNIK-Tech) has been bringing exceptional quality vaping products to the UK and international markets. Based in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, UNIK has created easy to use vape kits. They have made a range of products that are ideal for all vaping abilities. Products as the popular PODIX or the VPEN kit, are designed for the vaper just starting out. Whereas the Vape V8 and Vape X8 Kits are targeted more towards the advanced user. Recently they have manufactured some exceptional products such as the Vape Prince Stick e-cig. Also, the Vitamin Vaporiser is a disposable e-cig with zero nicotine and a 500puff range. UNIK also have a range of coils to work in all their devices, but are compatible with SMOK tank too. For instance, the VPEN 22 Coils also fit the SMOK Vape Pen 22 Kit. UNIK’s coils are manufactured to the highest quality with the materials available to them.

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