Fonta Flava Berries 50ml Short Fill


  • Berries Flava
  • 50ml Short Fill
  • 5ml Cooling Booster


Fonta Flava Berries 50ml Short Fill

Fonta Flava Say:-

The delicious FONTA FLAVA Berries is just what you are imagining – a blend of ripe and fresh berries. The sweet echo makes you feel like you are enjoying drinking a wonderful strawberry fizzy drink on a hot summer.

Product Details:

0mg Nicotine
70% Vegetable Glycerin
30% Propylene Glycol
Made in Malaysia

With all short fill products, you would need to add a nic shot for to add the nicotine level that suits you.

The Product Includes:

  • 50ml Fonta Flava Berries 0mg
  • 5ml Cooling booster 0mg

This Product comes in a 60ml Bottle with 50ml of E-Liquid.